Welcome To Meenakshi Theatres

Life is one continuous theatrical experience and all of us play a variety of roles. One of these roles is to experience and live the parts.

For over a quarter century, for three hours every show, in front of an enthusiastic audience, the cast of Meenakshi Theaters, ably assisted by the technical crew, have been transforming into the characters they depict!

Meenakshi Theaters was born in 1987 and has grown by leaps and bounds. We have staged 24 riveting plays thus far and have performed all over Texas and in major cities of the USA.

Jointly staged productions such as �Mega Serial� in 2006 and 2008 (Federation of Tamil Nadu Festival�Pittsburgh) with SUN TV fame TV Varadharajan, won us critical acclaim.

In 2009 �Thillu Mullu� was successfully staged in New Jersey during the Tamil Drama Festival. Many accomplished performing artists and writers have emerged from our ventures.

Our unique niche is that we bring you both nostalgic plays from the motherland and contemporary fare. The group has grown in strength and vision and provides scintillating and riveting theatre faire to Tamil theatre buffs in the Houston metro area and extends to Texas and beyond.

In the course of this long liaison with Tamil theatre, we have had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with theatre gems from the motherland. We have enjoyed and continue to cherish those opportunities and hope for more to come our way.

This will enrich our product greatly and increase the exposure of the present and future generations of tamilians here to our great culture.